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What is this Blog about?

I’ve decided to start this Blog just to be able to share some of my ideas, thoughts, reviews & dance videos. Watch the space!

Ballroom Technique – Take Notice of …

Ballroom & Latin American Poise

In the book “The Ballroom Technique” of Imperial Soсiety of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), based on Alex Moore’s “Revised Technique” (last edition in 1994) we can find a description of Ballroom Poise.

The book says:

Stand in a natural upright position with knees slightly flexed, body inclined forward from the ankles, braced at the waist with shoulders relaxed at normal level, and with no tension in the chest, body weight forward over the balls of feet with the feet flat.

The poise as Lady will be the same as described for Man, except that she would be poised slightly backwards from the waist. This backward poise must not be exaggerated.

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Competitions – Brief Review

UJ Dance Challenge for PWH (people with haemophelia)

So, I keep sharing my impressions after the last competition, dear dance fans…

Dance for PWH …

No doubt, the idea of supporting people with haemophilia is great! The fact that there are some people who took the initiative to make this idea come true is also great!

But sadly the honourable idea of supporting people with haemophilia was contradicted by the way the competition was presented. How is it possible to dance on a cement floor, which can cause injures to knees, ankles, feet … & even backs? The lack of absorption, flexebility & rough joints of the cement floor, caused dancers to be extremely cautious & compromised the quality of their performance. I’m not even talking about the damage to the dance shoes… Which are incredibly expensive & not every dancer can afford to buy them often!

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